The Revolution Partners Team 

There is an honorable way to run a wealth management company – a company whose interests align with their clients’ interests. This is what we choose to do.

We individually spent time building successful corporate careers in the financial services industry. As part of this experience, we saw how the industry operates and we understand the real implications to clients.

We have purposely chosen to separate ourselves from the "old" and forge a new path - building a business that honors our clients and upholds our integrity. 

The Team


If you were going to build a business from the ground up, who would you choose for your core team?

You would look for people you admire – people you can trust with your vision. You would find the most experienced, intelligent, energetic, and skilled people possible. And you would make sure they were full of integrity. 


“But why?” Amanda’s ability to get to the root cause of business or client questions is exceptional. Her corporate accounting background in financial services and eye for detail make Amanda the go-to person for a broad range of business and client questions. If you’re unsure where to start, keep moving, or finish, Amanda will thoughtfully ensure you know which direction to go with her engaging, genuine, and spontaneously hilarious sense of humor.
Ali’s creative and refined perspective on legal and business challenges and talent for bringing people together is second-to-none. Moving concepts and ideas forward is just part of her overall contribution. In short, Ali is impressive in any setting, from board rooms to volunteer rooms.
Brian understands the financial services industry inside and out and excels at organizational development and design. If you’re looking for someone who is a powerhouse of industry knowledge, knows how to build and run a business, and has a wide range of experience dealing with generational wealth and managing investments, it’s Brian.
Few people understand financial services reporting, technology, and operations like Bob. He is one of the smartest, most thoughtful people you’ll meet. On top of this, he’s a thorough organizational leader and knows how to run a team, a department, and a business. Bob is your call if you’re curious about a few, some, or all of the details.
Gussie Parks joined Revolution Partners in August of 2023. Gussie’s demonstrated steadfast commitment to professional development, ability to navigate challenging conversations tactfully, and organization skills make her a natural fit for helping to grow the company and contribute to positive client experiences.
Lauren built her career working directly with advisors to create successful business models. In an ever-changing business environment, Lauren is purposeful and agile. She has spent years working on process improvement and built systems to make those improvements a reality. Her care for those around her and desire to help them grow makes her the key player every team needs.

“Look for three things in a person. Intelligence, Energy, and Integrity.  If they don’t have the last one don’t even bother with the first two.” ~Warren Buffett