Consider Your Own Bold Moves: Is it time to review your advisory relationships?

Posted by Realize Rev on 2/2/17 11:13 AM

Many of you have followed the progress of the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule with us. On January 11, 2017, an article we wrote was published in the guest column of the Memphis Business Journal (MBJ).  If you are not a subscriber to the MBJ, you probably had a hard time accessing it on their site. So, we worked with them to get unlocked access to our article, and we encourage all of our readers to read it now: 

Bold Moves, and why you may want to consider your own

The article will load over the subscriber page after just a few seconds. A PDF copy of the abridged version that appeared in that Friday's print edition is also available here.

This story continues, and we remain committed to following it closely. The reform has broad implications for investors, and it is directly topical to our mission as a firm.

On January 13, the Labor Department planted another flag by distributing a Frequently Asked Questions list for consumers. No matter what becomes of the Fiduciary Rule in 2017, the standard of care expected by investors from their financial advisors has been raised. We encourage you to review your advisory relationships carefully, and you do not need us to tell you why: The new set of consumer FAQs from the Labor Department can be found here. 
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