Get Started

Revolution Partners has teamed up with, a cloud-based file storage company, to provide you and your household with an online document lockbox to securely store and conveniently access your important financial documents. 

Your Revolution Partners team administers the service and uses the tool to deliver account-related documents and paperwork. You can co-manage the documents and folders, upload documents to share with Revolution Partners, and we can help you designate a CPA, Lawyer, or other trusted person to have access to a single document or to a folder as needed.

Early in our relationship, we will email you invitation link to access your Revolution Partners lockbox and set up your credentials.

Log In

After you have set up your login, you can access your folders any time at Additionally, you will receive emails from us at least quarterly with links to materials we have loaded to your lockbox, for example, your quarterly report. When you click a link or button in one of these emails from us, you will be prompted for your log in and then led directly to the folder where the materials are available.

Invite a Collaborator

We are always happy to invite someone to view a specific folder or file within your Box account. For security purposes, they will need their own Box login. Send us an email at with the name and email address of your collaborator, and let us know specifically what you would like them to see.