Platform: a structure to stand on; a declaration of principles

Posted by Realize Rev on 4/21/16 4:30 PM

 We’ve gotten some feedback recently from a client survey about our technology platform. It turns out, people don’t really care about technology. They don’t refer their friends and family based on technology. Some say they could live without it. So why are we still trying so hard to deliver technology on the leading edge of our field?

If you follow us, you may have seen our recent posts Maneuvering "The FinTech Revolution" and Pull Yourselves Together: Conversations starters for investors and advisors. Technology evolution in financial services is impacting – some might say driving – the trajectory of our industry. It is at the heart of our business model; it enables us to do more meaningful work, better.

In developing our platform, we strive to provide effective tools that are useful to our teams, provide capacity to grow and are impactful for our clients. From a business perspective, these are all related to the overall need to maximize our return on investment.

Here are some of our considerations for real value from our COO Bob Lloyd:

1. The team needs to be compelled to engage with it, to care about the data coming in and out. If what comes out of a system is faster, better and easier than the manual alternative, we’re off to a good start in terms of adoption.

2. Each system needs to be able to grow and to solve more than one problem. For tasks that that extend beyond the tool, we ask, can you connect it to the next system, ideally with bidirectional data flow? Sometimes this means integration with a client-facing resource that can pick up form field responses, or activities completed by clients in our e-signature system, for example.

3. Our people are our most flexible, most valuable and most expensive assets. They are experienced, and they know what needs to happen. If we write the workflows, checklists and processes based on the best practice essentials we know, how much can the platform reliably do for us?

4. Finally, true value requires good communication, so the process needs to be transparently available in real time. Tasks are completed or escalated, and the advisor is automatically informed. Triggers are set up in our database so that emails to clients are populated with secure links and sent automatically at the appropriate time, and advisors can see whether and when materials have been opened and accessed.


At Revolution Partners, we provide wealth management services to individuals and families. Many of our families have built wealth through successful, multi-generational, closely-held businesses. The more time our professional advisors have to work on understanding what is special about those families, the greater the positive impact we can have on our clients’ Life’s WorthTM.

Our clients have spoken, and what they do care about is first our ethics and principles, and then our investment expertise. Our technology platform is what makes it possible for us to focus on our effort to uphold their high expectations in those categories.  We'll keep trying to ensure that our platform is a structure to stand on; a declaration of principles. We're grateful. 

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