I'm not really sure I need a financial plan.

Posted by Realize Rev on 10/19/17 1:07 PM

The beginning of a financial planning series. 

We regularly meet new Revolution Partners clients to begin the financial planning process. Frequently, we hear comments like, “I’m not really sure I need a financial plan” or “I don’t need any life insurance” (spoiler: we don’t sell insurance!).

Either of these two types of responses might highlight an opportunity for me to learn something new about our client.

We also see these remarks as my chance to advocate and educate, and possibly dispel some misunderstandings about financial planning. Perhaps this individual, couple or family has had the unfortunate experience of working with a broker who used a “financial plan” with a plan of his or her own – to sell a product.

Revolution Partners is committed to advocacy about the importance of the financial planning process, and the various ways it can help investors become more informed and confident about their financial choices. It is also central to helping us work closely with our clients and align financial strategies with their personal goals. 

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing with you some insight into how we approach planning, and just a few reasons why you might benefit from a financial plan.

financial planning introOur firm's mission is to help clients realize the difference between net worth and Life’s Worth. Whether that means championing a cause, challenging the status quo, traveling the globe, contributing to communities and charities, or simply building lasting relationships, we believe we can help.  

Our work is to ensure that the proceeds of your work are properly allocated to build and preserve your net worth, so you can live the life you’re uniquely meant to experience  Your Life’s Worth™

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