Memphis Daily News highlights Revolution Partners' operating philosophy

Posted by Realize Rev on 5/1/17 10:02 AM

We were proud to have Revolution Partners featured in the Memphis Daily News special edition on financial services. Journalist Andy Meek interviewed Brian Fowler and and John Moss about our Memphis roots and our vision for helping clients Realize Life's Worth™.

Read the article on the Memphis Daily News website here:

Revolution Partners Quietly Growing but Holding on to Client-First Mindset

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As captioned: "Revolution Partners CEO Brian Fowler says his firm sets itself apart in several ways, including investing in the same holdings it recommends for client portfolios. 'It keeps everyone’s eye on what we’re there to do,' he adds."

(Photo cred: Memphis News/Andrew J. Breig)

Revolution Partners has been firm in its commitment to leadership in financial services since its origins in 2013, when the firm drafted this statement to answer the question, "Why Revolution?" Here's the response:

If there has ever been an institution ripe for change, it is Wall Street. The business of distributing financial products to individual investors must be one of the least evolved in the United States. The issues that plagued the industry 75 years ago persist today.

This revolution is not about protests or outlandish press releases. Frankly, there’s very little benefit to focusing on the industry at all, and it would detract from our purpose— providing an honorable alternative for likeminded clients and associates.

Our revolution is about steadfastly putting your interests ahead of ours. We believe there is a tremendous business opportunity to be gained by avoiding conflicts of interest, communicating with transparency, leveraging technology, and offering intelligent solutions.

We will not broker investment products. Our inventory consists of advice and service, and ultimately, we aim for peace of mind. This business concept, in this industry, is undisputedly revolutionary.

Read more about our principles, people and platform.

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